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iPhone Informer App by PNN Company

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Our team has a good knowledge of Java language to develop Android Apps as well as Objective-C technology to design applications for iOS 

Not long ago, our company has implemented a project of mobile application development which allows one to record and report (create, edit, send messages and online reports on e-mail lists) about the state of various objects. 

Customer Application by PNN Soft is designed for the foreign company and operates at iPhone device. This application is the most innovative tool for instruction on safety, monitoring, and analysis.

With the help of the application the rapid exchange of information on accidents and incidents becomes possible. In conjunction with recommendations to address, this information is very important to improve safety.

The application is made in the form of fields for you to fill in by the information about the incident.

Thus, users can register violations, incidents, various problems and promptly send it to the server directly from the place. Message is automatically generated and sent to the team of moderators, who will check it and take appropriate action. 

Our experts are always happy to start a new mobile application development project so, your company may become our client.

For this, you just need to fill out a feedback form with all features of the future application.