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Methodology process of working with the customer

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The main purpose of the process of working with the customer is the full and complete satisfaction of its requirements using all existing intellectual and technical skills and resources of the enterprise. We always strive to organize the work process as the most convenient to the customer:

1. Primary contact with a customer.

The first thing that we do at a meeting with a potential customer – is carefully analyze the needs. For each customer, we try to find an individual approach. Depending on the complexity of the task, this stage may be a shortcut to the simple briefing of requests on a piece of paper or include a range of studies on the structure of the company’s business needs, target audience, potential for development, etc. Based on the obtained data, we can help you make technical requirements and a preliminary assessment of the project price. The cost of the project depends on the time required for its implementation by our experts.

2. Agreement on technical and organizational requirements.

After the agreement of functional requirements, the analyst takes it as a basis for the development of technical specifications. Agreement of technical specifications with a customer could be done by email (exchange of letters), as well as verbally through the means of communication, including Internet telephony system and Skype. All documents associated with the project are saved in the specialized electronic repositories. Based on the completely agreed and approved technical specification, our expert makes the project implementation plan (project plan).

 3. Technical implementation (software development) and testing.

The project manager, at least once a week, and maybe more often by agreement with the customer, sends a project progress report by email. The report includes all issues related to the current phase of the project, challenges and solutions. And also coordinates other aspects related to the project.
All activities are registered in the project plan, which is available to the customer in electronic form.
All source codes and documents are uploaded to the electronic repository, which grants access to developers and customers.

New elaborated requirements for the modules and/or features of the project are agreed upon with the customer and fixed in the technical specifications. Specified requirements that affect the terms of realization of individual phases and the project as a whole, and thus change the project plan for implementation and cost of the project, are agreed with the technical director.

4. Stage of delivery and implementation.

The developed modules and software products need to be thoroughly tested before they are installed or delivered electronically to the customer. Delivery to the customer of modules may be performed either by the Internet (electronic) or directly at the specified customer site.

 5. Stage of training the customer specialists.

Customer personnel training can take place under the terms of the agreement on the territory of the customer or at our company site.

 6. Technical support.

Technical support can be performed in 2 ways:

PNN Soft pnnsoft.com offers a highly professional approach to cooperation for each of our customers that enables us to find successful solutions based on a profound understanding of specific business and customer problems, its key competencies and capabilities.

Our experts will develop an individual program for you, and determine the most efficient means to ensure that your project is working at full capacity, bringing real profits. Our aim – is to provide you with quality products and services that reduce your costs and fully meet your requirements.

We are able to complete projects in short terms, and excellent product quality and competitive prices make the company the best PNN Soft partner in the development of software.