.Net Outsourcing Software Development Center by PNN Company


PNN Soft Company’s .Net Development Center offers dedicated teams (DDT) for custom software development projects using the .Net technology, which includes analysts, developers, testers, architects and managers, specifically selected up to customer’s project

Hiring .Net Development Center, customer is fully involved in the software product development process, and is able to monitor the progress of all phases of project. Dedicated development team is implementing a project of the customer only and does not perform other tasks. All tasks and milestones of the project details are negotiated with the customer prior to the project start.

The customer can adapt the Software Development process to fit his working hours and time zone. To implement the customized project, our team uses Agile (Scrum), RUP and other software development methodologies depending on the type of the project and the necessities of the customer.

If you, as a customer, want to minimize your involvement in the project, or on the contrary to have full control, you have the option to hire a manager (Team Leader) form our company to monitor your development team on-site. Personal Manager will work with your team and inform you about the progress of the project with daily reports. We offer you a time-tested strategy of cooperation and win-win result.  The experience and skills of PNN Soft development teams:

The experience and skills of our team include deep knowledge of C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ technologies, WPF development, .NET testing instruments, profiling and code analysis tools. We guarantee that you will get profitable, well coded and optimized solutions that provide the best user experience.

We are experienced in the following technological areas:


  • AJAX
  • Silverlight
  • RIA Services
  • JavaScript


  • Web Services WCF Services и WCF Data Services
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework


  • Windows Forms
  • WPF
  • Silverlight

PNN Soft company's specialists possess the .Net development skills which cover a large number of application servers, databases, libraries, components and technologies.

The team carefully analyzes business requirements and ensures that the customer will receive the optimal technology for the desired solution. 

Outsourcing software development to PNN Soft .Net development center is a great opportunity for your business to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the custom fit experts’ team.

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