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New Version of OBDII Scan Tool – inCarDoc PRO

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PNN Soft company would like to represent its new, development – a new updated version of the useful application for cars inCarDoc PRO

In July 2012, the company has released own solution for Android – inCarDoc at Android Market, which is gradually gaining popularity among motorists and amateurs, currently the number of installs reached – 90,000! 

Let’s remind that inCarDoc application allows you to read stored and dynamic parameters from ECU of the OBD-II compliant cars, as well as to read data from vehicles with multiple ECU. Connection to the engine control unit (ECU) is possible using ELM 327 or compatible Bluetooth adapter. 

Compared with the previous PRO version of inCarDoc possess impressively useful functions:

The new version is available on Google Play

Application feature is in its ability to communicate with the onboard computer for any vehicle supporting the OBD-II standard (on-board diagnostics system), regardless the communication protocol and car model, allowing this way avoid expensive visit to service station. All American vehicles produced since 1996, European – since 2001, and diesel – since 2004 support this protocol.

Our goal is to get the maximum benefit and convenience, so the application has a simple and intuitive interface and a rich options selection.