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Software solutions for staff training, testing, adaptation and motivation

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PNN Soft Company offers custom software development for managing curriculum, training materials, and evaluation tools for the employee remote learning, testing, survey, quiz, questionnaire, and motivation in the form of text and multimedia educational materials and interactive games

Our online training software includes the development of:

Learning Management System for corporate employee training

Methods of employee assessment and testing at all stages of the employment

Motivational campaigns 

Our experts create software solutions depending on the requirements and specifics of the customer. These software solutions are placed on the PNN Soft server or on the customer side.

Our educational software solutions allows you to schedule the training, prompt delivery of training materials, make changes in the curriculum or inform the staff about important changes in the business processes of the company. Responsible admin can control the process and results of employees’ training and testing.

Among the projects completed for the foreign customers are following: Inquirer Outsource ProjectQuestionnaire Online – Plugins for Building Online E-learning Questionnaires, Questionnaire (CMS for Building E-learning Questionnaires) and others. Our company offers ready-made LMS (learning management system) solutions for staff training as well as custom enterprise systems development using Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle products.

Please contact us for more information and to order the service by filling out the form on the Contacts page.