Questionnaire (CMS for Building E-learning Questionnaires)

Questionnaire Project Overview

Content management system (CMS) to generate online standalone and web questionnaires and FAQs.


This system has the following main modules:

  • Content Builder to create information database
  • Design Builder to specify skins for visual elements and modules
  • Plug-ins to generate content of the desired questionnaires or information systems
Technical features:
Target server platform (without search engine):  The Content Builder generates html pages (DHtml and Flash)
Target server platform (with search engine):Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0 and more.
Target client browsers:IE 6.0.
Data sources:XML files, binary files and full-text search index.
Atelier GUI:MFC (C++).
Transformation technology:XSLT.
GUI features:DHTML, CSS, AJAX and Flash.
Localization resources:XML files.


Business-logic features:

  • The Content Builder supports pluggable visual modules to generate content of the desired questionnaires or information systems.
  • Indexing and search services with full-text search.
  • The Design Builder specifies skins for visual elements and modules. 

Managements and resources:

  • Time line (versions 1.0 - 3.5): 2005 - 2009 
  • Resources: 2 Managers, 10 Developers and 2 testers 
  • Development methodology: Agile Scrum
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