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A guide on how to choose the bespoke project at the right development company

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The demand for outsourcing and its advantages in business

As a tried-and-tested business strategy, outsourcing has deservedly become the in thing over recent years. Without a doubt, this model of cooperation brings several merits to companies, such as high-quality services, diving into products’ technical issues, and lower prices. So it’s no wonder that more than 50% of small enterprises will continue to outsource in 2020. If you are thinking about custom software development for your business optimization, outsourcing is the option to consider. A highly qualified team will create a web portal, operationally, and functionally adapted to the company’s needs. 

It seems like we’ve found a practical solution. Yet, in reality, strong demand in the industry goes hand in hand with numerous development companies’ emergence. And how to realize which of them is skilled and experienced enough? This article will give you a practical guide on selecting a good team of developers and building effective communication to achieve business goals. 

But the first essential step is to ask yourself what kind of platform your enterprise needs the most. For instance, you may create an application to analyze your target audience, enhance interaction with the clients, and encourage interdivisional collaboration. Or develop a corporate web portal aimed to automate transactions and trades. You may also define which option will yield long-term benefits to your business by thinking over your current weaknesses. It can be a lack of communication, an unsustainable waste of time when it comes to routine work, inadequate training of new employees, etc. More information about corporate portals, you will find here

All right, you have decided on what solution to select, and what’s next? Write down a list of requirements related to customization, functionality, structure, and design. Other crucial things are the technical support of the product and easy accessibility, especially for the CRM platform. A short review helps you explain developers clearly, what you want to see in the web product, and set a technical task correctly.

How much does hiring dedicated development team cost | PNN Soft

How to hire a dedicated development team?

It’s time to discuss several aspects, which relate directly to choosing the right team of developers. 

  1. Pay attention to the specialization of partners.

The IT company should be aware of your business’s features, challenges you meet and consider them while creating an effective web product. If developers don’t understand which target you are determined to reach, the platform will be technically incomplete. For example, a gaming company naturally won’t be able to develop a program for automated accounting. A team that is geared to designing portals will probably have difficulties with crucial technical specifications. And hence, you will face a need to hire an additional skilled prof., which also means time-consuming and significant delays.

  1. Reflect on IT services provider companies size.

A small group of experts is quite beneficial if you prefer to work with a number of companies, which have different specializations. As a result, each team of your coworkers is responsible for a particular stage of the project. In case you want developers to see a bigger picture, neither a small nor medium IT company grants your request. For outsourcing the whole development, you need to cooperate with a sizable multi-department corporation of professionals. Indeed, qualifications and a proven record of working are keys to implementing advanced solutions. 

  1. Select a company with a focus on constant cooperation.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to work with a software development company from Ukraine, European or American teams, you have to stay in touch with the experts from the primary to the last stage of the working process. To evaluate the company’s engagement level, you may ask if the team utilizes special project management tools, like Crello or Jira. If yes, you will be able to interact promptly during the developing steps. Moreover, even after establishing a web portal, streamlining your platform is a necessity. Firstly, during daily usage, you may figure out how to organize a thematic structure more conveniently. Secondly, as the business grows, the system, in its turn, also needs modernization.

  1. Take a chance to try products for free.

Some of the outsourcing software development services, created earlier, tend to be available for public use. That’s such an excellent opportunity for you to “test-drive” the platform that sparked your interest. After getting to know the product’s specifics better, you will define what aspects have to be enhanced, which functions appeal perfectly, and which ones need to be removed. 

Dedicated software development team in Europe | PNN Soft

      5. Explore the portfolio of the company and product recall. 

Сertainly, a comprehensive description of services is a sign of proficiency. In addition, learning more about the team’s specialization and successful cases assists you in the in-depth exposition of similar projects and evaluating terms. It can be reasonable to look at the statistics of downloading and user feedback, if we talk about desktop app development, for instance.

Why does successful communication matter?

A highly qualified team of developers is essential but still insufficient for the fulfillment of your ideas. Only good interaction, as well as proper clarification of your needs, enables consistency and productive cooperation. That is why you should think about сarring out business analytics to define your current needs, prepare requirements for the task, and conduct appropriate documentation. The details related to the implementation stages should also be considered to avoid the inconsistency between developers and the сustomer. 

Along with this, the process of making changes during the project is particularly noteworthy. Imagine that the customer approved the app’s design, so developers created the product’s trial version. And suddenly, after finishing more than half of custom application development, the client decided to change the platform’s design or a large part of the functionality. Although changes are vital during the working process, this approach leads to major expenses and substantial time losses. But If the customer, a business analyst, and IT company specified all the conditionals at the very beginning, they would prevent miscommunication. 

Business analysts aсt as facilitators. Therefore they can also provide developers with a profound explanation of the functional and non-functional requirements. If misunderstanding appears, these experts help correct development steps without any breaches of the first arrangement.

Dedicated software development team in Europe | PNN Soft

PNN Soft offers custom software development, tailored to the specifics of your business

The company has 20 years of experience in creating highly efficient solutions, but we are continually learning and implementing cutting-edge technologies. We have accomplished more than 1000 projects for different businesses, starting from the finance sector to the retail and media spheres. Here is a short overview of our latest projects:

If you plan to hire developers in Ukraine, follow the initial step and check out the portfolio to better understanding the web products we create.