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Pattern modeling system development for optimal elements placement

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Smart Cutter Project was implemented by PNN Soft company’s developers on demand

Smart Cutter service is designed as an answer to the problem well known to the firms working with toner glass films.

The typical problem is how to cut the film out, reducing the waste of the roll to the minimum.

That is what the Smart Cutter service designed for. All the information this “smart cutter” needs to know is the width of the roll and the set of sheets to cut out of the roll. 

Technical details:

Target server platform:Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0 and more.
Target client browsers:IE 6.0 and Fire Fox 2.0.
GUI Framework:ASP.Net 2.0.
Data sources:XML files.
Data accesses:XML parsers.
Web services access:SOAP web proxies.
GUI features:DHTML, AJAX and SVG.
Localization resources:  resx files.

Business-logic features:

Smart Cutter service uses combinatorial algorithm with regulated depth of the search to find optimal laying-out. Practical use of this algorithm have shown that it reduces waste of the film by 15-30% on average in comparison with the laying-out made by hand while saving valuable working time it takes to arrange layout manually. PNN Soft will help you to implement bespoke software development project, contact us by the contact form below.