PNN Soft Develops Products for Full-Text Search with Lucene


Company integrates these products such in our own decisions and in decisions of other companies

Full-text search is an automated super fast and complete search.

This kind of product analyzes not only names and content of text documents, but also additional fields that relate to the search.

Full-text search includes the following advantages: 

  • Cross-platform - Compatible with many languages and platforms;
  • Incremental indexing - the simultaneous completion of the index;
  • Boolean search, search for phrases, fuzzy search;
  • Possibility of grouping, ranking and sorting of the result;
  • Stemming - can induce and parse words in a search request for more accurate searching;
  • Analyzers for a number of languages, including Russian and Ukrainian;
  • Support for unlimited number of additional fields for documents;
  • Search for text documents and the ability to index the database;
  • Ability to search multiple parallel codes with the union of the results.

PNN Soft company has years of experience of custom software development in different areas. 


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