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Polling iPad application by PNN Soft Company

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Nowadays, along with television advertising, radio, and video clips, printed products, media, Internet and outdoor advertising, one more type of advertising is becoming popular – it is the promotional applications for mobile devices. In contrast to the above-mentioned types of advertising, the promotional application enables the user to interact with the company proposal or a product directly.

PNN Soft has implemented several projects on promotional application development for domestic and foreign companies.

PNN customers claim that such applications are very popular among users and allow the promotion of new products and services effectively.

Promotional polling application by PNN Company. iPad App to promote the company’s goods and services with special questions, along with basic information about the company to attract customer’s attention to the new product line. The application provides simultaneous video stream, static information in questioner form, answers and checkboxes, animated text, different effects of the transition from pictures to video and other, sound effects etc., to represent the information.

Using the application, one can carry out polling the focus groups to determine the tastes and preferences of the users and makeup forecasts for the new product development. An interactive way of information representation using mobile applications is one of the most effective promotional tools. The information is perceived as a dialogue with its source, which allows it to involve not only senses (as in the case with standard advertising) but also the thinking, logic and emotions of users. Due to such a complex influence, the effect of promotional applications’ use exceeds any of the standard ways of advertising.