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Reasons to move the business to the cloud platform

cloud computing

The modern services of the cloud solutions are key features for business lead and personal use. Modern cloud storage services are crucial for business leads and personal use. Cloud computing companies seek to meet a broad need for operational solutions with the development of the digital world and business. Therefore, cloud software development and application-building services have gained popularity. Starting with answering the question of what is cloud solution, we will dwell on the key benefits of cloud migration for any business.

What does Cloud Solution mean today: computing cloud definition

Cloud computing is a variety of different calculation concepts that involve numerous computers connected through a real-time communication network. The cloud is used for the full-fledged audit of your enterprise’s data at the physical placement of information on a server that is constantly online.

The Cloud is ubiquitous when you use corporate e-mail, route on the map, save your old photos, or exchange important documents between two big corporations. In the latter case, the individuality of decisions plays a key role. Companies carrying out numerous operations and interested in a high level of protection claim to custom development of cloud solutions.

When the enterprise decides to move to the Cloud, it needs to pay attention to the chosen cloud type, not just by definition. It must consider handling the risks and opportunities of future technology.

What are the most popular cloud solutions?

cloud computing

There are three different types of clouds:

Each type has nuances of service. For example, Public Cloud is not subject to rigid IT expertise and also allows the customer to plan the budget more flexibly. However, it is financially beneficial only for small companies without large-scale use. Private cloud development provides you with high protection, performance, and efficiency. In more detail, we will talk about the difference between the three types of cloud services in another article.

Reasons to implement cloud-based solutions for businesses

cloud solutions benefits

Thanks to cloud solutions, you will promptly access significant data, which results in better decision-making and robust predictive analysis. In addition, you don’t have to pay for useless or impractical features. Your vendors will provide you with the optimal amount of space needed for productive workflow; no money is charged for the space you do not utilise. 

Even though the Cloud is quite vulnerable to cyberattacks, around 95% of business owners reported strengthening security after cloud migration. Cloud-based technology allows for meeting compliance requirements more quickly, especially when it comes to government ones. A robust encryption implemented by trustworthy vendors will help protect data from security hazards. 

Since your employees are no longer concentrated on IT infrastructure or hosting, more space is devoted to strategically critical or creative aims. Whenever you need extra bandwidth, you will get it immediately with no additional effort for sufficient infrastructure updates. 

With the Cloud’s help, all stakeholders stay connected to the primary team’s objectives, updating corporal portals in a couple of clicks and maintaining work-life balance. At the same time, business leaders can instantly track employees’ activity. 

Make a Right Choose Among Private Cloud/Hybrid Cloud and Public Ones

public and hybrid clouds

PNN Soft has enormous experience in this area, so we know how to unleash the potential of cloud-based software. For fully-functional cloud application development, we use platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google engine, etc. Equally important is that AWS and Azure are the most popular among 93% of cloud beginners.

The cloud development kit includes REST or SOAP Web solutions and technologies, namely Java, C#, .NET, JavaScript, Python, C++, Objective-C.