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The modern healthcare industry is hardly excitable without digital technologies in the industrialized countries, therefor healthcare application development solutions are in demand. The integration of digital technologies into this area is carried out at different levels and has different goals. The first programs allowed reading health indicators and keeping records. Today under the management of doctors — robotic hands perform ultra-precise surgery, algorithms allow you to print parts of organs, and the AI detects the slightest changes in medical images and allows you to prevent the disease at the earliest stages. Consequently, the range of IT services for the health sector is incredibly wide. This article will focus on the main factors and features needed for a high-performance desktop program.

Healthcare Software Programs Fulfil a Verity of Tasks for the Healthcare Industry

The invention of 1906’ laid the groundwork for overall healthcare digitalization. It was a punched card tabulator with an automatic feed. Hollerith Cards are later referred to as IBM Cards and serve as the go-to mainframe computer input technology. The first electronic digital computer (Atanasoff-Berry) appeared in 1939. Four decades later (in 1979) VisiCalc, the first desktop spreadsheet computer program was launched. It worked on the Apple IIe. The functions of this desktop app were analytical for data administration, storage, and analysis.

Nowadays, healthcare software development meets the needs of doctors, patients, investors, insurance agents, and the government. Digital development products for such a vast field include mobile applications, AND, AR/VR technologies, desktop applications, and entire software systems. For example, there is a shortlist of tasks that can be realized by one of those digital products above:

  • Optimization of the process of medical operations;
  • Workflow administration;
  • Remote customer consultation;
  • Remote patient care-making an appointment with a doctor, sending test results (if possible), and so on;
  • Maintaining data records in electronic form;
  • Monitoring the health status of patients. This is necessary for more detailed monitoring of the body's condition, especially in chronic diseases. Constant monitoring is very important in the intensive care unit, or in everyday life. In the latter case, it is carried out via electronic;
  • Structuring data;
  • Analysis of medical images;

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Some functions like electronic card files seem quite ordinary and familiar. By the way, medical employees continue to keep paper medical cards, files, and medical records of patients in many hospitals around the world. Speaking about advanced IT in healthcare, artificial intelligence is one of the most promising spheres. The AI analyzes images with an average accuracy of up to 70%. According to statistics, the success of AI prediction depends on the field of the research. In some cases, the forecast accuracy reached 90%.

Returning to the tasks of health monitoring, trackers read our heart rate, sleep phases, and so on, are no longer a novelty. However, they don’t lose their relevance and continue to develop. Consequently, there is a growing demand for IoT software development. For instance, kind of devices helps to control the amount of sugar or vitamin D in the blood and even carry out portable vision diagnostics.

The Main Approach of the Desktop App Development is to Optimise Every Stage of the Industry

Any advanced healthcare app development company provides customers with solutions from the previous paragraph. The characteristics, functionality, and architecture of such applications differ significantly. Desktop applications run on Windows or Mac OS platforms. They don’t interact with the web browser and have their own graphical interface. Although there is a large number of health-related apps available.

Desktop medical applications are used for automatic diagnostics, indicator analysis, data management, and structuring. The programmers of PNN Soft have similar experiences. The company has developed an application for analyzing and correcting user`s behavior in psychology. This application is designed to analyze and conduct corrective actions for users with a rhythm disturbance. The program is created for Windows using .NET Framework technology.

Healthcare software development company usually offers an enormous assortment of solutions for this industry. Mobile apps that read your daily indicators have been used for a long time. However, more extensive and accurate metrics are recording during the hospital examination. Such programs read not only heart rate indicators, but also neural responses, brain activity, body water balance, etc. Sensors collect all these indicators and the desktop application analyzes them, ranks them, and provides more easy-to-read information to doctors. Desktop app development for healthcare is a field of IT services that require innovative solutions.

Modern programs can serve as a convenient tool for providing medical services, especially for doctors. For example, the purpose of such an application may be better diagnostics, selection of dosage of medicines based on the patient's indicators, etc. However, these programs do not intend to replace the doctor, and only to optimize his work.

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Original solutions for the healthcare sector involve hospital software development. Rapid growth and dynamic advances in technology and medicine lead to a constant need for renewal. The number of programs, start-UPS, and decisions in medicine with the use of computer technology, each year brings innovative solutions.

Solutions for desktop application development include up-to-date recourses, methodologies, and tools. The leading features for healthcare application development universal for any product. First of all, they must be highly functional, efficient, and unique user-friendly interfaces. The interface for desktop programs in the field of medicine is restrained, structured, and clear while providing many options and functions. Secondly, the specialists embody apps with deep knowledge of Mac OS and Windows API.

At the final stage, it is possible to create qualitative, flexible, and reliable apps. The outsourcing Windows application development includes .NET, C#, C/C++ Winforms, WPF, WinRT, UWP technologies. Pay attention, that the program or app can have a hybrid nature. The cross-platform desktop application development implementation has advantages. Since theoretically, the application can be used in a large hospital, and not in one, it must be adapted to the nature of any of the two platforms. In addition, this solution allows you to reduce the development time, followed by an adaptive interface that will work perfectly on macOS and Windows. In this case, the developer concentrates on the functionality, which is again very important for the healthcare system. Programming for macOS is carried with Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript.

PNN Soft Use the Mighty Desktop app Development Tools and Provide with Efficient Apps

PNN Soft also might be termed as a healthcare software development company because we implemented a range of products for the healthcare industry. Some of them you can find in our portfolio. Desktop and mobile products that were made by our programmers:

  • RhythmGO — the application for psychodiagnostic in medical institutions;
  • Sport Gear Tracker – Android application to track, record, analyze your body performance during the workout;
  • Health Diary — record and store the parameters of one’s organism and is intended to help avoid or prevent various chronic diseases;
  • Web Portal E-doctor — Virtual Clinic for Medical Consultations Online;
  • Web Resource Imed — Information Guide on Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products;

We offer professional services in hospital software building, custom outsourcing apps development for macOS X and Windows platforms. Our company has a wide range of experience in developing user-friendly desktop software solutions and custom client-server applications for specific business needs.

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