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All together UX and UI make digital product user-friendly. Therefore, if you want your product to be easy to use and efficient you must pay particular attention to design. You can’t choose only one approach between user experience or user interface development, both branches are really important for the success of the product. UX/UI design plays an essential role in achieving the primary matter for any business efficiency. Design of the app improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately enlarges the number of users. However, to make everything clear you should know the main tools, rules and functions of UX and UI separately. So, this is an article about UX development services.

How to Evaluate UX Application and UX Web Development Components?

The indicators of presence on the site and user activity on it are the signs of success and a chance to get into the search top. In this case, the UX developing is one of the steps to this goal. A user-friendly website attracts users and makes their presence on the web page convenient.

You can assess your digital product whether it is application or site with the help of the special metrics. For instance, task success rate shows the percentage of correctly completed tasks by the user and their fails with product interaction. So, the higher the number the more effectiveness and efficiency the site or web application is being. The modern UX company measure time on a task, too. That indicator simply demonstrates how much time was taken by the site visitor to do purposed action on web-platform, application. Take into account the efficiency of information architecture and navigation. Your digital-product shouldn't make anybody feels lost in it: easy to find + easy to navigate is the rule for perfect UX. Depending on the type of the product and its goals, it is important to determine what is the user's error, and then find out the frequency of those errors. The system usability scale is one of the most widely used and complicated tools for assessing. Thereby, final results should reflect both the quality of user experience and the goals of your product.

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PNN Soft provides impactful user experience research and collects qualitative UX KPIs information. Our specialists track a set of metrics and even define the new one depending on the kind of product or service. Therefore, what does UX web design must include? There is a wide range of tools, functions, and rules that are used by professionals for effective UX. For example, the best UX website includes accessibility, adaptability to any device, structuring, usability, etc.

Differences in Development of User Experience Design for Desktop Windows, macOS and Mobile iOS, Android Systems

Development of the UX is the procedure of improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with the app or web-platform in comparison with the UI that enhances the presentation and the interactivity of the product.

The core elements of user experience for applications include, as follows:

  • Information Architecture – simply to say it helps to satisfy the business strategies by designing the application’s or the site’s information structure and navigation menu;
  • Usability – this element includes a number of other aspects that require careful analysis;
  • Wireframing – sketchy, black-white-grey representation of the interface, it is about the creation draft example;
  • Prototyping - is used to its full potential in user testing. Such a simulation of the final interactions forms great material to check the usability of the interface before the development begins;

Mobile, desktop, and web design are very different on their basis. In particular, the mobile environment sets its own conditions for professionals. The future design of the app depends on the main task and type. It should be as convenient and efficient as possible in interaction with a minimum number of clicks. In addition, the mobile application design for Android and iOS will differ. It should pursue the main trends of these operating systems at the stage of UX development. Naturally, desktop applications pursue more complex tasks and goals, which affects their UX building.

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The design of a powerful enterprise application for PC includes UX and UI development for Windows and macOS. One of the main questions is how user-friendly software moves a business forward?

Actually, the rule is similar. The easier it is to interact with a product, the higher the efficiency of it, and therefore the result is better. As in all previous cases, when developing an application design, it is necessary to take into account its field of use, purpose, the main consumer, and the operating system on which the program will be built. Desktop applications have a wide range of functions that need to be placed rationally and finally not being intricate for the user. However, the enterprises’ users are not customers, they don’t look to cut off their time or carry out tasks of daily life activity. They need to do their work qualitatively, effectively, and rationally. The forceful UX and UI answer a range of issues and meet a lot of needs for business desktop apps.

PNN Soft Provide Design Services in Ukraine, Kiev

PNN Soft is a company with huge experience, that realized over 1000 projects. We have a team of designers with experience working on large-scale and complex projects. Company delivers design services, as follows:

  • Evaluate the UX and UI effectivity of the product (website, desktop application, mobile application, etc.);
  • User Experience testing;
  • Create the UX & UI for a website or web application;
  • UX/UI design for desktop and mobile apps (native and cross-platform);
    Windows and macOS
    Android and iOS
  • Advertising & Marketing design (Corporate presentations, etc);

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Our specialists pay attention to every element of the product's appearance. To conclude everything above, we want to mention that UX must be appropriate in order to accomplish the users' needs. The UX developer makes an application strategy concrete by answering major issues of the product goals. Specialist research and has a clear understanding of different business markets. When creating a product design, we consider customer empathy, build product strategy, implement ideation, prototyping, and study experience strategy. Also, PNN Soft designers provide sketch options, prototype solutions, and scrupulous testing of the product, before the programming stage.

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