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Software for a Group of Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Embedded CE

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PNN Soft is one of the leading software developers for embedded industrial platforms as well as an integration solutions provider

We provide custom software development for the Microsoft Windows Embedded CE platforms line, which operates a huge number of devices and systems in a variety of industries. Among them are many modern portable ultrasonic devices and tools such as GPS, ATMs and components of the giant construction machinery. Besides the family of Windows Embedded OS are very powerful for industrial automation, security monitoring of buildings and structures. 

Our company has extensive experience in software development for different operating systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Embedded CE. Microsoft Windows Embedded is a family of Microsoft embedded operating systems. Its main distinction from other Microsoft operating systems is their used in specialized applications such as kiosks, information terminals, cash registers, POS-terminals, navigators, thin clients, industrial automation systems and many others.

Currently, the Windows Embedded product line includes the following operating systems: 

Our company has several dedicated teams of developers to implement software for Windows Embedded. PNN Soft developers follow the requirements and objectives of the customer and implement software products of any complexity in the shortest term. 

For more information and to discuss your Windows Embedded project, please fill out the form below.