Software Solutions for Banks Based on IBM, Oracle, Microsoft Technologies

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Software development solutions for Banking sector

PNN Soft company is involved in projects of banking business processe automation using the latest technologies of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft in the field of enterprise portal software solutions development, credit provision, budgeting, money transfers, money payments, credit card management, cross-sales automation, and other intra- and inter-bank activity.

Using IBM technology our experts create systems based on the IBM WebSphere BPM, which provide functionality for integration of internal and external corporate services of the bank. In addition, while these software services implementating our professionals use Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology, communication infrastructure for integrating applications and services, which enables the development of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The use of the industrial technology Java EE for projects based on IBM technology, allows us to provide high performance, reliability, scalability and flexibility.

PNN Soft Company also specializes in software development using Microsoft.Net technology (for running applications using the programming languages C#, Visual Basic.NET, C++, etc.), as well as Oracle based products using PL/SQL technology to create a wide range of enterprise systems.