Software System Development for Automatic Proccessing and Printing of the Foiscal Receipts form Datecs FP 3530/FP550, Shtrich-FR Devices for the International Retail Company


Cash Vouchers Print Project Overview

Standalone program to process vouchers of the AS/4000 system and print fiscal receipts using Datecs FP 3530/FP550, Shtrich-FR fiscal printers. 

Technical features:

Target platform:

Windows 98, XP, 2003 Server.

GUI Framework:

MFC (C++)

Data sources:

Binary files

Device communication:  

COM ports

Localization resources:

XML files.

Business-logic features: 

  • Processing incoming vouchers from AS/4000 system
  • Print fiscal receipts using Datecs FP 3530/FP550, Shtrich-FR printers. 
  • Localizable GUI interface. 
  • Support monitoring and logging of all print and user actions

Managements and resources: 

  • Time line (versions 1.0 - 1.4 version for Ukraine, Romania and Russia): 2004 - 2006 
  • Resources: 2 Managers, 4 Developers and 2 testers 
  • Development methodology: adopted RUP
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