Solution for real-time analysis, categorization of the Messages Content

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Text Analyser Project

The system provides intellectual analysis of incoming texts, conversations and messages to find desired text content defined by experts. Experts in this system create resources for analyzing processes using the standalone GUI application. Experts define desired content to find: words/phrases, expert values, categories and languages.

Analyzing part of the system is a cross-platform component for use in high-load processing systems in real-time. It parses and analyzes incoming texts and returns found content which was defined by experts. The Component has a set of additional input parameters, such as custom words/phrases and sensitive level. It returns a list of found text fragments with detailed information: language, probability, category and set of terms. 

Technical features:

Target platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Data sources:Binary storage
Programming Technologies: Cross-platform C++, stl
Wrappers:Managed C++ for.Net, JNI for Java

 Business features:

Management and resources: