Software system for media audience evaluation based on Data Analysis

Fintech Solutions

Evogenius Project Overview 

Media audience measuring and statistics system. The cross-platform evolution engine of this system provides functionality to process report jobs and returning of the multi-dimensional results for TV media research requests. Connectivity processing services of the reporting system provide a scalable solution for the processing level of a client-server system. 

TV Media Evaluation Engine sub-project 

Technical features: 

Target server platform:Windows XP/2003 Server, Linux Red Hat Enterprise 4/5.
Input requests:XML files.
Processing workflow: processing based on generation XML work-flow for executor modules (cross-platform C++).
Data sources::hierarchical clustered binary data storage.
XML\XSLT:libXML package.
Archiving:zlib package.
Communication withdispatcher:TCP sockets.
Simultaneous jobs processing: processing jobs in the new thread (multi-threading) or in the new processes.

Business-logic features:

Management and resources: