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Team organization/ outstaffing

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PNN Soft provides outstaffing services (DDC, DDT) to deal with software automation

Our company organizes staff of required qualifications to perform temporary works at the customer premises during a long period. Thus, customer doesn’t have direct employment relationships with the involved personnel. Involved staff is still employed by the service-provider company, but during their work, they become a part of the customer’s team. We will analyze project requirements and set up an optimization proposal for the customer’s project team. With the set periodicity customer is given the formed detailed reports describing the results of work, timesheets of employees.

Benefits of IT outstaffing:

Within the IT outstaffing we can offer qualified specialists in the following areas:

PNN Soft pnnsoft.com constantly monitors new tendencies in management and information technology. Offered solutions in outstaffing area are tested in practice and successfully implemented in various industries.