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Web user interface based on IBM BPM coach views for Enterprises

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PNN Soft is IBM business partner

While providing enterprise automation services we use IBM BPM product line. Our experts create custom web interfaces for the business process implementation based on the IBM BPM Coach Views applying HTML, Java, JavaScript technologies. Coach Views are the controls for the user web interface development and management. Coach Views components are designed to provide the user with certain data to easily perform daily set of business processes. 

Key features of IBM BPM Coach Views: 

IBM BPM Coach Views allows us to work with business objects directly, without the need to serialize/deserialize objects or additional processing. And since, business processes development includes usage of business objects, we create a business object and apply it to the user web interface to perform various tasks. This is an important option that saves developers time, makes it possible to rapidly deploy solutions and reduces the time of the system implementation. 

If you are interested in the services of custom web interface development or automation solution based on IBM BPM Coach Views, please contact us by filling out the form below.